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Ph.D(c), CNM

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Born and raised in New York as a Caribbean-American, Rhea Williams knew she wanted to be involved in birth from the young age of nine. Rhea was always fascinated with the intricacies of the birth process and how the body is capable of such a physically demanding harmonious role. Working toward that process she moved to Maryland to attend school where she met her husband and subsequently relocated to Japan. During her time in Japan, she observed the health and wellbeing of native Japanese women throughout the lifespan and compared it to her exposure within the diversity of the American population. There Rhea began to immerse herself in nutrition and grew to appreciate its place and importance in women’s healthcare. Rhea is a Certified Nurse Midwife, a PhD candidate, and our Director of Professional Education and Development at Spinning Babies®  Upon returning to Maryland, she earned a degree in Nutrition and began providing nutritional services to pregnant women throughout Washington DC. However, she still wanted intimate involvement with birth and subsequently attended midwifery school, earning a Master of Science in Nursing and passing boards to become a Certified Nurse Midwife.

As a midwife her passion for providing safe care for women with a foundation in nutritional intervention became paramount. She now combines midwifery and nutrition intervention in her care process with her patients throughout the lifespan. She believes every woman has the potential to have a healthy enjoyable pregnancy if empowered and educated.

During her care of women in the intrapartum setting she began noticing commonalities with the women experiencing difficult labor. In her search to find a reliable solution to help these women and ultimately prevent their issues from occurring, she found Spinning Babies®. Through integrating the Spinning Babies® methodology with her foundation in midwifery and nutrition, she noticed positive change in the women who embraced applying the trifecta of nutrition, midwifery philosophy and Spinning Babies®. During this point in time, she felt a calling to midwifery and undergraduate education and left full-time midwifery practice. Concurrently, she felt it was important to share Spinning Babies® methodology with birth workers in her community and began hosting workshops. It is through that relationship she was invited to become an Spinning Babies® Approved Trainer and humbly accepted the invitation.

Rhea Williams, CNM is married with two wonderful children. Her interest outside of Spinning Babies®, Nutrition, and Midwifery include traveling, photography, spending time with family, and immersing herself into her Caribbean roots.

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