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My Doctor says that I don’t need a doula because I'm having a c-section.

A Doula can support c-sections as well as vaginal births. This can be done through education and continuous support. 

Will my doula stay my entire labor and delivery process?

Your doula will be available from the moment you begin early laboring until after your baby makes their arrival. During your active labor phase, they will accompany you to the hospital and support you until you've settled into your postpartum room.

Does my doula count as one of my visitors?

The Doula is considered a part of the medical team, so they do not count as one of your visitors. 

Why do I need a doula, I have my mom and my sister?

Family is always a great support system and can be very helpful when providing insight of what to expect. With a doula, you will not only get support but also knowledge from a trained professional on critical things to help with pregnancy, labor, and birth. 

If I have a doula does that mean I can't have an epidural?

No. Your doula is there to offer continuous support and making sure that you understand all of the options you have available.

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