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The Uniqueness of our Program

This project is setting the stage for advancing birth equity in North Carolina. We want to change the narrative of birthing outcomes for Black and Brown people. This team wants to play a part in decreasing maternal mortality and morbidity rates in Black and Brown women by modeling how an interdisciplinary group of perinatal and health experts can join forces to recruit, support, and train culturally concordant people to become a labor support Doula. This project's strength is the team's experience and the stakeholders' diversity, paired with a holistic approach to addressing the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of the Black and Brown birthing person AND the Doula. We've enhanced the traditional DONA labor support curriculum not only on training from the culturally needs, family dynamics, generational influence, the strong racial divide in birth outcomes, institutional racism, and the lack of trust in the healthcare system. We've also included advanced training sessions that support the body, mind, and spirit connections essential for the birth worker.

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