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Our Doulas

We began by piloting an extensive perinatal Doula training program designed by Black women for Black women. Our instructors represent a wide variety of expertise in perinatal, newborn, breastfeeding, and alternative therapies. This project aims to create a pipeline of Black doulas that will attend the births of Black families in Orange, Durham, Wake, Chatham, and Granville counties within North Carolina.  These counties have some of the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the state. Given the persistent racial and ethnic disparities in birth outcomes, a diverse workforce is particularly urgent in the context of supportive care during pregnancy and childbirth. The Black Doulas trained in this program will provide much-needed perinatal and postpartum support and serve as the gatekeeper for the Black community. In addition to supporting Black women in the triangle, the Doula will have a new marketable billable career that will offer economic support for their own families while being a blessing to families that can not afford a Doula by offering services at no cost, low-cost, or a discounted rate.  The ultimate result will be a stronger, healthier community.

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